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"Working with Marcie for our birth photos was a pleasure from start to finish. She is extremely responsive, professional, and incredibly warm and thoughtful. The best part though, is that the photos of our birth are absolutely beautiful.

Marcie was able to capture small moments I would otherwise forget and I am so thankful that I will always have these gorgeous pictures to help me remember.

Before our birth, Marcie and I met to go over how we would work together, and what I was okay having photographed. This allowed her to stay in the background while I was in labor. My doula and I agree that she totally belongs in the birthing room. She even put down her camera to hold my hand during a contraction.

After our birth, she delivered a few photos within HOURS so that we could use them for announcements right away. We had the rest of the images a few days later. I am so proud of them I want to show them to everyone.

I simply cannot express how grateful I am to Marcie for our photos and for being a kind and supportive member of my birth team."

Lisa N. - Ann Arbor

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"Marcie recently photographed the birth of our daughter and it was a wonderful experience. My wife underwent a scheduled C-section for medical reasons. We knew from the beginning that the birth of our daughter might not be the picture perfect event that we envisioned. Marcie accompanied us throughout the preparation and the procedure, and it allowed us to fully experience the moment without having to think about capturing it for the future.

Marcie's photographs bring out the beauty and the wonder of our daughter's birth by not shying away from the anxiety and anticipation that accompany the experience. The photographs document both the physical and emotional journey that our family went through that day. Moments of pure joy shine brightly in her photographs and reflect our emotional experience more profoundly than I could have anticipated. She clearly connects with her subjects in a deeply sympathetic way - these photos are not just records of the process, but true works of art. Put simply, these photographs are absolute treasures for us.

Marcie is also a wonderful person. She put us immediately at ease and we are happy that she was there to share in this experience. We would recommend Marcie to anyone interested in documenting the birth of a child." 

David H. - Ann Arbor, MI


Marcie just photographed the birth of our first child, and I am so grateful for her and her talent! She was practically invisible throughout the intimate process of labor while capturing gorgeous photos that we will cherish forever. Our doula also found her extraordinarily helpful - without me even realizing it she was fetching water for me and my husband and going above and beyond what she was there to do. Thank you Marcie!!!

Meg B - Ann Arbor, MI