"Birth is life's greatest journey. Words are not enough to tell the story."

Why Hire a Birth Photographer? 

1. Memories

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I can’t think of anything better than pulling out photos of bringing my tiny babes into the world when I’m old and grey. Their first cry, our first time locking eyes on one another, the way my partner looked at me when we realized our whole world was just turned upside down in the most beautiful way. 

2. Capture All The Details You Miss

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that a birth photographer can capture. Friends and family eagerly waiting to hear the news, tender moments with your partner, and the pure joy of you bringing your baby into the world.  As your photographer, I will capture all the moments - big and small - so that you may relive them all over again.

3. So You Can Be Present

Labor is incredibly hard work. It’s all you can do to focus on your breathing, never mind worrying about who’s holding the camera and what photos they are getting. Take the pressure off yourself and your partner - let a professional take care of capturing the moments so you can focus on the task at hand.

4. So Your Partner Can Focus on You

This! One of the main reasons I don’t have any photos of my own children being born is because my partner was focusing on me. Partners should not be hiding behind cameras instead of being fully present in the moment. Having a professional photographer means your partner can just focus on you, and let the memory catching be left up to me.

5. Quality

While an iPhone can capture basic shots, it can’t come close to the quality of what a professional can do. Hospital lighting is not great, and many home births have difficult, low lighting to compete with. Theses are just some of the things a professional will know how to work with to ensure you have beautiful, quality images to keep forever. There are no "do overs" on birth day! 

6. Professional

Not only do I provide excellent quality photos, I also know how to remain professional in the birthing environment. As a birth photographer, I know the flow of birth and how to position myself so I am not in the way, but still able to capture the moments you will treasure forever. 


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So How Does This Work? 

Birth is one of life's most miraculous events. Birth photography allows me to capture this momentous time, and create beautiful images for you to remember the intense and emotional moments always. Birth Photography is tailored to your needs and desires. Your vision is important to me, and that's why I take the time to personally meet with all of my clients prior to birth day.  

Once you hire me, I am on call 24/7 for the two weeks before your expected due date, until your baby is born.  As soon as you go into labor, you will give me a call so I may prepare to come to the birth site.  I aim to be there about 3-6 hours before baby is expected to arrive, knowing that birth has an unpredictable time frame, and allowing for your individual needs and wishes. I will record your labor from the moment I arrive, through your delivery, and, finally, the amazing first moments when you meet your precious baby. Typically I remain at the birth location for about 60-90 minutes post delivery. 

Birth photography is not “graphic”, nor is it “gross” I will photograph only what you want, whether that is everything, or only from the waist up, or something different – it is completely up to you!  Ultimately, my job is to document your birth story, and to follow the guidelines that you request, as much as possible. 



All birth photography packages includes the following:

~  Pre-session consultation – A meet and greet where we will discuss your birth photography goals and visions.

~  I will be “on call” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, starting 2 weeks before your due date, until delivery. Even outside of this period, I will prioritize being at your birth.

~ Your birth photography session.

~ Processing and refining your images – many hours go into proofing images, touching up, editing, and creating a story of the precious moments from start to finish. 

In order to accommodate everyone who would like to document their births, payment plans are available. (Because I only take a few select clients each month, a $300 deposit is required at the time of booking.) 


Pricing for a scheduled c-section is the same as any birth. I will meet you at the hospital and document your story, from admitting, through the delivery of your baby, and to your family’s first moments. I will also document as much of baby’s first moments as I possibly can.

It is important that we work together to manage expectations with clear communication.  Your doctor, midwife, and anesthesiologist may or may not grant access to the OR. Communication is the key - if your providers know how important this photography is to you, they will usually try to make my job easier. This is something you will discuss with them prior to the big day. Even if they will not grant access to the OR, there are so many other special moments I can capture for you.